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I just received a "Pending Content Facilitator Account Ban..." email, what can I do?


Unfortunately this means your actions within the community have triggered a red flag in our automated and/or manual review processes and you've been identified as violating one of the key policies of the network.

The first thing you can do is count yourself lucky that you haven't been banned immediately. For now we are presenting a single 24 hour warning until word spreads that the Content Facilitator community is not "game-able" so there is no point in trying, but in the very near future no such warnings will be given and bans will be applied immediately.

It is YOUR responsibility to familiarize yourself with the Content Submission and Content Publishing Policies and abide by them.

Actions that would cause such an email to be sent include (but are not limited to)...

  • Modifying the content you've published for another member (including but not limited to their outbound links).
  • Submitting private label or spun content to the network.
  • Submitting content claiming it to be unique and exclusive for another member when it has in fact already been published elsewhere.

...if you think this email has been received in error you can follow the specific instructions included within the email. You have a 24 hour window in which to do so.

Alternatively, if you've been caught with your pants down and are looking for a second chance (and expect us to give you the time of day for trying to slip one past us, when we're already flat out busy as it is), simply do nothing.

Your account will be removed from the network 24 hours after you've received the email and you wont be able to signup again.

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