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Why don't you allow spun content in the marketplace?


A few members seem to be unnecessarily upset that we don't allow spun content in the marketplace.

There is a VERY good reason for this (and if you deal with distributing spun content there are already plenty of other resources online that allow you to do so - and you're more than welcome to go and use those resources).

However lets no kid ourselves here.

In general, people dealing in spun content have their OWN INTERESTS in mind and NOT the best interests of our prospective content publishers (or those publishers audiences).

The primary goal of distributing spun content is to distribute as much content as possible, and build as many backlinks as possible, whilst trying to make the content those links appear in to be as unique as possible to GOOGLE.

Google is a computer algorithm.

Our prospective publishers are NOT and nor are their actual website visitors.

Our publishers are real people who make independent editorial decisions to publish high quality content. They do not want to have to look through a marketplace category only to find they have to then sift through 100 spun copies of the same article, that they probably aren't interested in anyway due to nonsense grammer & sentence structure, simply to find quality content they actually want to publish.

Publishers would simply give up as it would waste far too much of their time.

This is the SAME reason and other leading article directories do not allow spun content. It adds NO value to REAL publishers and REAL end users / readers of the content.

And if you were looking to get published on a high quality blog like would you really submit a spun article?

Of course you wouldn't - not if you were expecting to be taken seriously anyway.

There is no difference in the way we (and we expect our content submitters to also) treat and respect our content publishers.

The Content Facilitator is NOT a private blog network where no-one even cares (let alone sees) if you're distributing spun content.

If spun content is your thing, then again, please feel free to use any of the other resources available online. But it doesn't make much sense to be upset at us, when you already have many other options available to you.

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