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Why is there a lack of unique content in the marketplace?


Publishers that have been specifically looking for unique content have asked us why there is a lack of it currently in the actual marketplace.

There are two reasons for that...

1) Firstly, the network is still relatively new (currently in the thousands of members)As more members come onboard, particularly the more experienced content distributors and syndicators, expect more high quality unique content to become available in the marketplace.

2) Secondly, because unique content can only be published by one other publisher (it's being offered as "exclusive" to a single publisher), as soon as it is published, it's removed from the marketplace. And given that unique content is always in such high demand, unfortunately it doesn't stay in the marketplace very long.

However rest assured, that as a publisher, more unique content will become available overtime as the network matures. It's also a fantastic thing to see demand exceed supply, as it encourages content submitters to add more unique quality content, thus improving the appeal to all members.

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