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I don't want to syndicate the same article to hundreds of other blogs...


"I don't want to syndicate the same article to hundreds of other blogs, that's just duplicate content. I also don't want to spin it and submit to hundreds of other blogs; with the most recent Google panda updates I don't think its safe to do that anymore. What I would like to do is have my content posted once on someone else's blog, so the question is, can I dictate how many blogs my content is pushed out to?"


If you only want to offer one article to one other member you can either...

A) Offer Unique Content Only.

That means writing (or having written) an article that is totally unique, and will ONLY EVER be offered exclusively to another member for publishing. Such articles cannot be used elsewhere (i.e. you cannot then go on to publish that article anywhere else online in the future, including your own blog). Obviously this type of content has tremendous appeal to potential publishers and if the quality is good it doesn't remain in the marketplace very long.

B) Offer Content With "Open Publishing Rights".

That means the content has already been published (or might be elsewhere in the future). You can find more details about this in our Quick Start Guide but basically when you submit content you can limit how many other members can publish that content using the "Cap Open Publishing Rights" setting. If set to 2, this will only remain in the marketplace until 2 other member has published it and it will then be withdrawn so no additional members can publish it.


We don't allow spun content in the marketplace as a policy so don't worry about having to spin anything unless you want to become banned from the network ;-0

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