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How does the Content Facilitator use "Domain Authority"?


"Domain Authority" is basically the SEOMOZ equivalent of Google Page Rank. It is a percentage score out of 100 that predicts the ability for any page on that domain to rank well in the search engines. You can read more about it here, but in essence, the higher the Domain Authority, the better the overall quality and "strength" of the respective blog.

The Content Facilitator collects the Domain Authority for every publisher blog in the network as a measure of quality control. It also updates this information regularly.

From A Content Publishers Point Of View...

The higher the domain authority of your blog, the more access you'll get to the better quality content being produced by our article writers and content submitters. It is entirely up to the Content Submitters to require a certain level of authority from the publisher.

It is simply a way for them to have some control over the types of publishers that can and can't publish their content. Obviously content submitters offering unique content don't want a brand new blog with no audience, no traffic, and no domain authority, to snap it up, when they could get better exposure on a more established blog.

From A Content Submitters Point Of View...

Only allowing publishers with a certain level of Domain Authority gives you more control over whom can publish your content. Do understand however, that filtering content may reduce the chances of becoming published, as it restricts the amount of total publishers that content is actually offered to in the marketplace.

As a result, if you do decide to use the Domain Authority feature, there is also the option to automatically remove the filter after 14 days if your content hasn't been published during that time frame. That means if you select to offer your content to blogs that have a domain authority greater than 50 - if the article hasn't been published after 14 days by someone above that level, the content will revert back to being available to ALL publishers once again.

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