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Troubleshooting xml-rpc problems & known 3rd party plugin conflicts...


Steps to follow in order to troubleshoot XML-RPC problems...

  1. Make sure xml-rpc is turned on in your blog.
  2. Make sure the username / account you are using for posting has either the Editor or Admin role permissions. Also note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
  3. Try reaching your xml-rpc URL with a browser. You should see the following response. XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only. If you do not see the above, either your xmlrpc.php file is located in another place or has been renamed. Or is possibly being blocked by a plug-in or host security setting.
  4. Check to see if you are using any plug-ins that modify or prevent the access to your xmlprc.php file.
  5. Disable ALL plug-ins and see if you still can't post using xml-rpc. If you can, then re-enable each plug-in one at a time until you find the plug-in that is causing problems.
  6. Contact your hosting company and see if they have any security programs running that would block access to your xmlrpc.php file from an outside source.

Known Conflicts With 3rd Party Plugins:

The following plugins are known to create issues with setting up (and potential using) xml-rpc publishing. You will need to disable them to get setup. You may also need to disable them before publishing articles.

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