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How long does it take for an article I've submitted to become approved?


Any article you submit to the marketplace enters the marketplace immediately upon submission.

However you will not be able to view or interact with your own content directly in the actual marketplace. This was to ensure that a member could not submit content, and then publish that content to one of their own blogs, artificially inflating their credit earnings.

In order to see content you've submitted, you can check out the "Posts Waiting Approval" queue (under the "Distribute Content" tab). This will show you the content that is currently in the marketplace and is waiting to be (potentially) published by another member.

When it has, you'll receive an email notification informing you of where it's been published, and it will also be moved into the "Approved Posts" section as a historical archive.

In the near future we'll structure this differently so you will be able to see your own content just as someone else browsing the marketplace would, you just wont be able to publish it.

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