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I like this concept, but how is this different than a private blog network?


Quiet simply this is NOT a private blog network.
A private blog network is made up of hundreds (or thousands) of autoblogs setup, operated, and maintained by the owner of the network. When you join a private blog network you're given permission to publish your content to those blogs in order to build backlinks.

Most members do this by submitting crappy, low quality, spun content.

Most blogs in the network also get NO real traffic and are NOT ACTIVELY promoted by their owners (i.e. they have no real audiences and are simply dumping grounds for content to build backlinks). When was the last time you received an influx of targeted traffic from content you've submitted to a private blog network? Probably never.
Whilst they arguably might have their place in terms of SEO - understand that The Content Facilitator is MUCH more effective.
Here you are dealing with REAL bloggers. Every blogger in the network runs an independently owned and operated blog.

They have REAL audiences, REAL traffic, and their blogs ARE their businesses. Therefore they value them. Every blogger also has full control and editorial discretion in terms of any content they decide to publish for other members.

This means "content quality" is the main factor in getting published - particularly on the more popular blogs with bigger audiences. Again, you're offering your content to REAL people here - not submitting it to a private network of "autoblogs".

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