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My article has been published but my links aren't displaying correctly on the publishers blog


Please, triple check that the links in the articles you are submitting are referenced correctly.

95% of the errors we are seeing here relate to the content submitters error, not the publisher.

But, as you might imagine it upsets both parties. If you include a link in your article, it must include the full path to that link...

Correct example:

Incorrect examples:

...please also double check your syntax here. Some members have been inadvertently submitting http:/ as their link (notice the missing forward slash).

Copy & Pasting Directly From WORD or OPEN OFFICE Documents...

The majority of the mangled links are being caused by people doing a cut and paste from Word or Open Office, directly into the editor, WITHOUT using the "Paste From Word" button on the editor.

Since a word processing document is not proper HTML it has to be pasted via the "Paste From Word" button so it gets converted properly. Otherwise you will to have to click on the HTML button and fix things by hand or re-edit the links using the hyper link button above the content submission input box.

If you have made an error, you can delete the content from the marketplace, make the necessary changes, and resubmit it, by following these instructions here.

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