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How can I tell how many other people have published content with "Open Publishing Rights"?


Initially we were going to include a feature in the marketplace to identify how many times an article with "Open Publishing Rights" was being offered to other members for publishing - until we realized it was irrelevant and potentially misleading.

If content is submitted to the marketplace with "Open Publishing Rights" that means it's already been published elsewhere, or there is a specific intention to also offer it for publishing elsewhere in the future.

That might be resubmitting it to the Content Facilitator marketplace OR through any other third party independent source.

So if the content submitter had offered it say "5 times" in the Content Facilitator marketplace, and we did include that detail next to the article, it potentially becomes misleading. A publisher may think that the content will ONLY EVER be offered 5 times, but that is probably not the case.

It does not take into account where it has already been published, and where the content submitter plans to submit it in the future. And unfortunately we have no way to monitor member's intentions.

As a result, this information becomes irrelevant.

Your primary concern when publishing content with "Open Publishing Rights" should be to ask "how valuable is that content is to my audience?" - not how many times it has or will be published.

If this really concerns you, and you want to get an indication as to how often it may have already been published, open Google in a new window and search on the article title (and/or a snippet of text from within the article). Using quotes around your search will also help produce more accurate results.

This will give you a pretty good idea as to how many other websites have already used the content (if any).

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