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Publishing Content To Your Blog
Troubleshooting xml-rpc problems & known 3rd party plugin conflicts...
Why is there a lack of unique content in the marketplace?
Some of the sites I've added in my account don't show when trying to publish an article...
Can we add "no-follow" tags to external links...
I can't seem to access certain content in the marketplace...
My WordPress user account details are correct but content isn't posting...
Is it ok to use External Link Redirection or a Link Cloaking Plugin on my blog?
How can I tell how many other people have published content with "Open Publishing Rights"?
How does the Content Facilitator use "Domain Authority"?
I just received a "Pending Content Facilitator Account Ban..." email, what can I do?
I like this concept, but how is this different than a private blog network?
Do you accept foreign language content submissions & blog publishers?
Submitting Content To The Marketplace
I don't want to syndicate the same article to hundreds of other blogs...
My article has been published but my links aren't displaying correctly on the publishers blog
How can I decide which blogs / members actually publish my content?
Can I include images & videos in the articles I submit?
Why don't you allow spun content in the marketplace?
How long does it take for an article I've submitted to become approved?
Can I suggest a new marketplace content category?
I've made an error in content I've submitted - can I edit or delete it from the marketplace?
An article I submitted to the marketplace has disappeared from my "posts waiting approval queue" but it wasn't published anywhere.

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